Testimonial Picture of Tammi M (2)
    “About 18 months ago I was probably the most unhealthy I had ever been”

    Meet Tammi. About 18 months ago I was probably the most unhealthy I had ever been in terms of diet and exercise. I had been jumping between fad diets and different exercise programs without finding anything that would stick. I was unhappy with myself and almost to the point of depression with my own self image. I wanted to get healthy for my son and to just enjoy life, but I just couldn’t take control.

    It was my sister who asked me to join a 6 week challenge with her she found on Facebook. My immediate thought was “HELL NO”. I don’t like working out in groups because I feel judged, but somehow she convinced to give the 6 weeks a go. After thinking it over…and some convincing on her part, I said yes. I figured once it was done I would just get back to doing my own thing anyway.  ​

    ​The first day I stepped into K-Fitness I immediately felt welcomed. The people in the class were encouraging and friendly even when it was obvious that I was at an extreme beginner level. The trainers were fantastic and helped me adapt the class to my fitness level and helped me build my strength and cardio.

    I won’t lie There were lots of challenging days (especially in the beginning) but the support, encouragement of the group and seeing myself get stronger, healthier and happier kept me coming back week after week even when the scale didn’t move or I had a bad weekend. ​

    It has now been 18 months since I started and I’m still hooked! I LOVE going to the gym. I’m down over 50lbs, 33inches and best of all I am confident in myself and I look forward to the physical challenges I get at the gym. I continue to show up everyday at 5:25am because it continues to make me feel good about myself. Pushing me to do things that I could have never considered before is a great new rush for me.

    Being more active has greatly improved my life. I am able to do more things with my friends like mud runs and races, I have more energy and sleep better, but most importantly I feel better about myself and I’m a happier person now.



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    Tammi M
    Testimonial Picture of Angelah (2)
    “Angelah lost over 22 pounds!”

    Angelah lost 22.4 pounds and dropped 4.6% in body fat!

    Testimonial Picture of David (2)
    “David lost over 21 pounds!”

    David lost 21.6 pounds and dropped 10.7% in body fat!

    Testimonial Picture of Kat (2)
    “Kat lost over 15 pounds!”

    Kat lost 15 pounds and dropped 6.4% in body fat!

    Testimonial Picture of Joanne (2)
    “Joanne lost over 13 pounds!”

    Joanne lost 13.6 pounds and dropped 10.4% in body fat!

    Testimonial Picture of Aurora (2)
    “Aurora lost over 18 pounds!”

    Aurora lost 18.8 pounds and dropped 4% in body fat!

    Testimonial Picture of Jennie (2)
    “Jennie lost 11 pounds!”

    Jennie lost 11 pounds and dropped 8.5% in body fat!

    “They genuinely care about each and every person's progress”

    I was really nervous when starting out at K-Fitness, but Kiernan and Richard are amazing and so down to earth. They genuinely care about each and every persons progress and are willing to sit down individually to work on personal goals and nutrition. I also like that there are workout times available all throughout the day, which is important as I have a busy schedule. I decided to continue on because of all the points I listed above (which are only just a few!), and because I have seen the most results in the month at K-fitness then I have in a long time. I’m looking forward to continuing on this fitness journey at K-Fitness!!

    Lindsay M
    “Thanks everyone at K-Fitness!”

    After having two kids and trying to fit work outs in at home I decided that I needed more structure to push me to reach my fitness goals. The environment was exactly what I needed to feel welcome and motivated! The flexibility of workout times, knowledgeability of the staff: their drive to get to know you and your fitness goals and the welcoming community of the people attending the workouts were key. Although I’m on the beginning of my journey to reach my fitness goals each step forward counts. Thanks everyone at K-Fitness!!

    Samantha T
    “the small group classes at K-Fitness are perfect for me”

    I drive 45 minutes everyday from out of town to workout at K-Fitness, right past a big name gym 5 minutes down the street. I have always found going to the gym very intimidating with all the big fancy equipment (most of which I have no idea how to use) so the small group classes at K-Fitness are perfect for me. Plus, the nutritional counseling I have received is invaluable.

    Carla W.
    “It's not easy but the results are worth the effort”

    The 28 day challenge was the most successful plan I have ever attempted. It’s not easy but the results are worth the effort. The team of professionals at K fitness are there with you every step of the way making it so much easier to stick to the eating plan and get the most out of your workouts! I am continuing my journey with Kfitness because I am worth it.




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