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How to Get Motivated in 2020

How to Get Motivated in 2020

How to Get Motivated in 2020

Motivation is always a hot topic, whether you’ve fallen off the wagon and are trying to get back on or whether you’re trying to create a lifestyle change that has always been so elusive to you.

The first thing you need to understand is that we act out of 3 possible situations. First, out of pain or pressure. Second out of complacency and third out of vision.

Pain/ Pressure – This is what drives change in all of us. Whether its seeing that number on the scale, pants not fitting anymore or even someone saying something hurtful to us, pain and pressure are our primary motivating factors.

Complacency – When we are un motivated we are too comfortable. We hit snooze because the bed is warm and comfy, we sit on the couch and watch netflix because its relaxing after a hard day and we dine out, get skip the dishes or get fast food out of convinience.

Vision- This is where we design our life. High performers and people who are in control of their habits design their life out of vision. This is a topic I will cover in detail another day.

So, once we realize a change needs to happen to motivate us to create the habit of exercise we need to understand the formula and the key to success.

The formula for changing habits is: trigger – motivating force- response-reward.

The Formula in Action

Let me give you an example. Say I want to get fit and I want to make exercise apart of my lifestyle, so I decide I’m going to try and get up early and go before work. The trigger is the alarm clock, the motivating force is my desire to change my health, now the response of whether I hit snooze and go back to bed or whether i get up is driven by the reward. The stronger reward always wins. Example: if the reward of getting 9 more minutes of sleep is stronger than the value of my health or the pain of getting up then I will always choose to hit snooze.

For you to change your habits you need to make the reward of exercise stronger than the reward of complacency.

Make sense?

Now what rewards can you come up with for yourself to help change your habits for the better?

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