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The Little Things

The Little Things

The day is won or lost on the little things. 

So often we get tunnel vision focused only on our outcome goals; losing 20-30lbs, dropping 3-4 pants sizes, losing inches and toning up. We’ll religiously check the scale, check our inches and check ourselves out in the mirror, check again, then check again. We want the results so bad we forget to check what matters.  

With that one-sided focus, we gloss over the daily habits, the rituals, the action steps, that actually get us to that goal. If you’re careful and you pay close attention you’ll realize these habits are what make us feel good about what we are doing and allow us to wake up energized and continue to performing these healthy habits day in and day out. 

What Are They?

Little things like- having your work clothes picked out the night before, having your gym bag packed, having your lunch ready to go, having a good breakfast planned out, making sure that your schedule is set up so that you aren’t rushing around and you can leave on time for work and get to where you need to go on time. 

These are the little things that the most successful people do day in and day out. If you don’t focus on your habits, your daily actions what you’ll find is that you lose credibility with yourself because every time you turn around you forgot something. You forget your gym shoes at home, they weren’t in the bag, you leave your lunch right beside the door on your way out, you’re late for work so you missed your morning coffee and now you’re agitated, frustrated and you’re taking it out on your co-workers. 

Consistency is Key

On the flip side, if you can actually do the little things, and do them consistently, even if you’re not where you want to be with your fitness goals, you can still feel really good about where you’re going. Because you’re on track and every time you turn around you are doing something right. You wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning so you’re calm and relaxed to start your day. You’ve got everything you need to go to the gym, and to go to work. You’ve got your schedule figured out so you have time for yourself in case something happens. Calm and in control is the name of the game!

The people who are successful in all areas of life; health, family, career, finances are consistent with their habits and they do the little things very, very well. They make time in their day to plan out what needs to be done, to make sure the most important tasks of the day get done. 

So I want you to think about this over the next few days. Coming back after the weekend were you ready for the week? Did you have good food available? The week planned out? Or were you still hungover? 

Getting Started

Start asking yourself reflection questions on a regular basis: Have I set myself up for success this week? Prepared and planned the best I can focus on what I can control? Making working out easier, making healthy eating less time consuming, less cleanup and less hassle, eliminating the negative associations I have with making changes to my diet. 

Or have I been putting myself in a position where every time I turn around I’m getting triggered by something not being done or not in the place it needs to be and where I need to be? If this is a struggle for you the answer is to put 5 or 10 minutes aside each night to plan what needs to happen the next day to be successful in your eyes. 

Do this, become consistent and you’ll create positive expectations for yourself and the results will follow.

Get Strong, Healthy & Happy

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