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Ways To Eat Greek Yogurt

Ways To Eat Greek Yogurt

If you’re struggling to get your protein intake up in your fat loss diet, one food that you want to ensure you aren’t overlooking is Greek yogurt. Not only is it high in the protein that your body requires for proper tissue repair, but it’s also a great source of calcium as well, which will foster stronger bone growth and also help to improve fat loss in the stomach region.

Those dieters who eat calcium rich dairy products as part of their fat loss plan tend to show greater fat burning from the stomach especially, so if flat abs is in your goal set, it’s a food to start including.

Some people do overlook Greek yogurt however because they simply don’t know how to eat it. They don’t like it on its own, so that leaves them leaving it out of the picture.

Not any longer.

Try one of these seven ways to incorporate it into your diet and you’ll be all the better off.

Serve It With Berries 

It’s important you don’t purchase sugar-laden Greek yogurt, so instead, buy the plain variety and serve it up with some fresh berries.

They’ll add sweetness, antioxidants, and fiber – all great things for superior nutrition.

Add It To Smoothies 

Another way to get this food in is to add it to the smoothies you prepare. It’ll thicken them up in a hurry and add a richer and creamier taste.

Make A Dip Out Of It 

If you are a fan of raw vegetables for a snack, try making a dip with your Greek yogurt. Mix plain Greek yogurt with some salsa and serve this up with your freshly diced vegetables and you’ll be set.

Use It In Pancakes 

Pancakes offer great possibilities for Greek yogurt. You can either use it right in the pancake batter along with some oats and egg whites, or you can serve it dolloped on top with some sugar-free maple syrup.

It’ll wake up this traditional morning meal.

Add It To Muffins 

Greek yogurt can also be added to muffin mixes to replace some of the other moisture-rich ingredients. Cut back on the oil and replace some of it with Greek yogurt instead.

If you browse through various recipes, you’ll quickly come to see that many healthy muffin recipes do call for this added to the mix.

Get Strong & Confident With Us

So next time you’re in the grocery store, make sure you do pick up some Greek yogurt and find a way to incorporate it into your diet protocol.

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