Success Stories

Nadine C

Nadine C

Training with Kiernan has been one of the best investments I have ever made. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, weight management and nutrition and is able to set up creative and challenging workouts for his clients no matter what level they are at or what their goals are. He always pays close attention to form and ensures that his clients know how to use all the equipment safely. Not only have I lost a considerable amount of weight training with him(over 20lbs in 9 months), but he has taught me how to change my lifestyle which has made me a fitter, healthier and happier person; leaving me with a bank of knowledge I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life. Apart from being a trainer I see him as an extremely effective lifestyle coach because he lives the life he is teaching his clients to adopt, and through his own dedication inspires his clients to consistently work harder to obtain their own goals. One thing I really enjoyed about training with him was how he continuously motivated me to push myself to my maximum capacity, and I have been surprised on so many occasions with the amount of strength and endurance I have built during my sessions with him. What started out as a weight loss battle for me eventually turned in to a love for fitness and nutrition, something that was inspired by watching how many people he impacted through their training packages. His continuous encouragement and dedication to my goals motivated me to push myself past my perceived limits, even when I was discouraged, and after obtaining my original weight loss goal he continues to inspire me to set goals I previously would have thought impossible. Training with him has truly changed my life.