Quick Tips To Keep Motivated With Your Workouts

If you’re a beginner who’s just starting out with a new workout program, chances are your motivation level is at an all-time high. You’re really excited and looking forward to what the coming weeks have to offer and the results that you’re going to see.

But, as time progresses onwards, you’re going to find that your motivation may begin to wane as you fall into routine and other events or functions come into play that may start to creep into your workout schedule.

It’s important that you do stay committed to success however because if you’re skipping workouts regularly, you definitely won’t be making the progress you had hoped you would.

Let’s go over some quick tips that will help keep you motivated and on track to optimal results.

Get A Workout Buddy

First, consider getting yourself a workout buddy to help with maintaining your motivation level. A good workout buddy is going to help to with adherence because when you know they’re relying on you to show up for the session, you’ll be that much more likely to go.

Plus, adding this social element to your workout program will also increase the total pleasure you get from it, increasing your effort as well.

Try and find a workout buddy who is at about the same skill level as you are.

Use A Progress Journal

Second, it’s also imperative that you use a progress journal as you go about your workout program as well. A good progress journal is going to help you look back over time and see just how far you’ve come.

When it feels like you aren’t seeing results from your program and efforts, you can simply check out your progress journal and see that this isn’t in fact true.

If you notice significant improvements, that can inspire you to continue onwards.

Maintain Good Workout Variety

The third thing that you must do if you want to sustain good workout motivation is to make sure that you include plenty of variety with your workout session.

This is one place where having a good personal trainer comes in very helpful. They’ll be able to show you exercises and techniques that you may have never tried before, which will excite you as you move through the session and also help you see faster workout results as well.

Including exercises that fully challenge your body is vital for success because this is what keeps your body guessing as to what’s coming next.

If you are always doing the same workout over and over again, you’re never going to be moving forward and improving upon where you’re currently at.

Instead, you’ll simply maintain the status quo.

So there you have the three best ways to ensure that you stay motivated as you go about your workout program plan. Use these and trouble maintaining motivation should no longer be a factor for you.

Setting Goals The S.M.A.R.T Way

Think S.M.A.R.T. when setting your goals


S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Realistic

T- Timed


What are your long term goals? This is the “why” you are doing this, examples are. Lower blood pressure, lose weight, more energy to play with the kids etc. Be specific and write down all of them, put them in order from most important and also write down a reward for accomplishing each goal.



What are the short term goals that are going to get you to your “why”. Examples are losing 1lb per week, working out 3x per week, eating breakfast everyday etc.


There are 2 types of short term goals you should be setting either performance goals or Mastery goals. One is not better than the other, the choice is yours based on what type of results you are looking for.

Performance goals- these are concrete goals based upon a very specific outcome. Set these goals using the SMART method.

Mastery goals- these goals that are based on progress, self improvement and becoming the best you can be. Some of the benefits of choosing this type of goal are:

1. When things get tough you are less likely to get discouraged

2. When you have doubts you are more likely to stay motivated because you can still learn and get better and you are more likely to enjoy the process of getting better.



Note: Whenever dealing with goals that require a lot of self control choose 1 stick with it and once you’re comfortable move onto the next. Remember self control is like a muscle the more you work it the stronger it gets.

Stay Motivated With These Strategies

One thing that many people will experience some difficulty with at some point or another in their weight loss diet plan is that of motivation.

In the beginning you’re moving along great – you’re excited about the new program you’re on and are really enjoying all the results that are coming with it.

But as those results start to come a little more slowly, as often this does occur as you progress through the plan, your motivation takes a turn for the worse.

If you don’t do something at this point to turn it back around, you could find that you fall off the program entirely. That’s why having a game-plan to put in place is a very wise move.

Let’s have a quick look at the top strategies that you can use to stay motivated and see the best possible results from your workout and diet.

Get A Weight Loss Buddy 

The very first thing that you’ll definitely want to be doing in order to stay motivated is to get a weight loss buddy. There’s nothing like having the support of another person to fuel you along and keep you from slacking off from the gym.

Even when it comes to diet, knowing they are there to talk to and likely going through the same thing can offer that emotional support that you need to get through the difficult times.

While having supportive people around you is important too, it’s not quite the same as having someone go through the process with you.

Set Some Defined Goals Each Week 

Second, another must-do to keep your motivation levels high at all times is to make sure that you’re setting some specific and very defined goals each week.  When you set that long-term goal you will have this driving you forward, but at times, it can be hard to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Weekly goals can be accomplished in 7 days, so there much more easy to imagine yourself seeing success with.

Each Sunday night, set a few goals for the week coming ahead that will help you progress further along towards that long-term goal you’ve set for yourself.

Do Regular Check-Ins With A Personal Trainer 

Having a good personal trainer to work with is also vital for success and keeping your motivation high at all times. Personal trainers are great since they’ll be constantly showing you new workout techniques that you can use and implement so that your body never hits a progress plateau.

This will then prevent those lags in motivation since you’ll always be moving in the right direction rather than standing at a standstill and getting frustrated.

Try and see a personal trainer at least once per week to keep yourself on track and highly motivated.

Keep A Diary 

Finally, the last quick tip to boost your motivation levels is to keep a diary.  Writing down what you’re eating and doing in the gym is not only an excellent way to ensure you’re not slipping up in key areas that could cost you results, but it’s also a great way to give you something to look back on and see just how far you’ve come.

At times it may seem like your progress is rather sluggish, but by reviewing that diary you’ll quickly take note that you are in fact really moving along much better than you thought.

So there you have just a few simple strategies to keep your focus and motivation intact.  The more of these you can implement in your program, the closer you’ll be to reaching that long-term goal.

How To Journal Properly For Success

As you get going with your personal training in Calgary sessions, one thing that you should be taking the time to do to help promote maximum success is writing in a journal.  Journaling is a great way to keep tack of your workouts, monitor trends that are occurring, and to also use a motivational tool when you feel as though all your hard work isn’t paying off.

Journaling really only takes five to ten minutes at the end of each personal training in Calgary session so it’s not something that will be a huge time commitment. But, the benefits it will provide will be rather large, so this is one task that you must not forget to do.

Let’s have a look at how you should journal correctly for best results.

Note The Workout Specifics 

The very first piece of info that needs to go into your workout journal is all the specifics of your workout session. You want to list how many reps you performed, how much weight you lifted, how much rest you took, and how many sets total you did of each exercise.

This will give you a complete picture of what you did that workout session so that next time you’re in the gym, you can try and beat that.

Remember, constantly making progress means you must push yourself harder than last time so by reviewing your journal before you step food in the gym, you can determine your goal for that session.

State Your Mood

The second thing that you should make note of in your journal that far too many people overlook entirely is your mood.  The mood that you’re in as you complete your sessions can really influence how hard you push yourself, so having this listed will be helpful when it comes time to review your workout week.

This way if it was a less than optimal workout, you have likely found the reason why.

Factor In Food 

Food is another thing that must get factored into the mix when writing in your journal. What you eat before you go into each workout session will influence the energy level you have during that session and how hard you can push yourself.

Jotting down a few notes about what you eat not only right before the workout but also during the hours leading up to it can enable you to figure out which types of foods tend to work best.

If you spot trends in your workout performance after eating certain meals, then you’ll know that you should aim to have that particular pre-workout meal more often.

Add Pictures 

Finally, the last component to get in place in your journal after completing a few weeks worth of personal training in Calgary sessions is some progress pictures.

Pictures really help to complete the journal as then you can really spot changes in your body.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see day to day changes as you’re constantly facing yourself in the mirror but when you look across a longer time span of 4-6 weeks, the changes become obvious.

So don’t hesitate any longer to get started with a proper journal to supplement your personal training in Calgary sessions.  It’s a great training tool that you definitely should be making use of.