Fighting Frustration

Frustration with weight loss happens for 2 major reasons.

1.When we focus on things we can’t control

2.When we don’t understand why things are happening

When it comes to losing weight there is only so much you have control over. You can’t choose where the inches are going to come off, how much body fat you will drop or even the exact number of pounds you will lose each week or month.

However, you can choose to focus on the major factors that will have an impact on your weight loss. And that’s your eating and exercise habits.

The amount of hours you exercise per week, your intensity and the type of training you do all have a huge impact on what type of results you’ll see.

How many total calories you intake, the portion sizes of your meals, how many times a day/week you eat out, how much you drink alcohol and how consistent you are will be the difference between gaining weight, maintaining or losing weight each week.

When we neglect the factors above and the results don’t come we get frustrated.

Not everyone knows how to make changes to their plans to make sure we can overcome plateaus and get the results we want.

When that happens to you the absolute best thing you can do is ASK for help. Surrounding yourself with  coaches and a team that supports you is crucial to your success.

Who’s standing behind you?