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Think You Know Protein? Think Again!

Think You Know Protein? Think Again!

Team, today’s topic is: Protein powder. Protein is the combination of essential and non-essential Amino Acids that collectively make up the very corner stone of muscular repair, growth and recovery. Without sufficient protein in the diet, a person’s metabolism can become slow , leading to unwanted body fat gain, where the person feels sore and sluggish.

Negative Nitrogen Balance

This state is called a Negative Nitrogen Balance and can be frustrating for the individual who will feel they are doing all the ‘right’ things when perusing their health goals, but may not be seeing the results they anticipated. To correct a

Negative Nitrogen Balance, a person needs to create a Positive Nitrogen Balance by increasing their daily protein intake.

Positive Nitrogen Balance

To create a Positive Nitrogen Balance, a person should aim for no less than 1g of protein per lbs of body weight each day (spread over 5 – 6 small meals or shakes). As life responsibilities, obstacles and time constraints can make achieving these values difficult, sometimes adding a protein powder, meal replacement and/or protein bar to one’s fitness regime can be an easy way to achieve this (while not imposing more time constraints and planning to an already busy lifestyle). Often, it is good to talk with someone about what supplemental protein choices are there, and which ones would be best suited to your needs.

Examples of these are Iso-Sensations, Syntha -6 and Quest Bars. Iso-Sensations is derived from whey protein, but due to it’s extensive filtration process it is known as a whey isolate. Iso-Sensations is filtered twice as much in comparison to all other brands, which in turn separates and extracts all the naturally occuring impurities that are normally found in other whey proteins. The product is further fortified with Glutamine (the most abundant amino acid in the body), digestive enzymes and an insulin complex (to shuttle amino acids to be stored as nitrogen).

Meal replacement shakes 

Syntha-6 is a six stage meal replacement. Six stage means it had 6 different sources of protein which transcend and break down in the blood system for 6 – 8 hours. These sources include 2 of whey, 2 of egg and 2 of casein which not only maximizes nitrogen retention for a longer period of time, but also induces a level of satiety which helps to reduce bad eating habits and cravings.

The formula has a 2:1 protein to carb ratio which provides the body with adequate glycogen retention for energy expenditure without any unwanted blood sugar crashes or fat storage which is often associated with carbohydrates. The fat source in Syntha-6 is called medium chain triglycerides (MLT) which are derived from fractioned coconut oil.

This fat source offers many health benefits, but the main purpose of it being in the formula is to provide quick acting, long-lasting energy without the draw back of using higher amounts of carbohydrates. Syntha-6 also uses digestive enzymes to not only help its absorption, but to reduce gastrointestinal distress or stomach discomfort in people who are more sensitive to these things.

Protein powder 

If protein powders and meal replacements are not quite convenient enough for your lifestyle, a protein bar such as Quest Bars are a good alternative. These bars taste great , are low in fat and use a pre-biotic plant fibre. Other than fibre, there really is not much in the way of carbohydrates and the protein source is also a whey isolate.

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